Visiting Homer and doing some world building

Needed to get away again; personal life has been stressful during a time of change and lost. 2020 apparently had grim plans for us all, not only on the world stage but for each of us including myself.

But life carries on, and we must press forward, see it to the end. That is my intention which is why I have made a focused attempt at my work. Grimoire. So a bit of a getaway, a campfire lit beach on the spot of Homer, Alaska drinking a wonderful Denmark mead found at the Grog Shop.

‘Odin’s Beard’, the purple and white label read. The bottle had been perspiring as the temperature of the setting sun quickly changed in the air.

Hints of Apple and cinnamon swept over me as I watched the sky seeping in shade with the oncoming twilight.

I let the inspiration hit me and continue working on crafting the world of Grimoire. Each of the characters needing their individual purpose, views and values. Attempting again to revisit my personal story wiki as a way to test the water and start writing again. I have been sidetracked by a few things but Homer always helps put things into perspective.

So I drink deep of Odin’s Skull; it’s honey wine giving me another idea I quickly scribble more down. Sketch concepts and writing down names and connections. A lot more to do.

I truly hope my next official update comes soon and with a beta reader ready version of part one.

Until then,


View from the Homer coastline.

On Camping

I always loved camping as a kid. Campfires especially. My parents used to let me buy comic books from the shelves of the gas stations we’d stop at along the way. I of course brought my own stack of books from home, comics and otherwise.

I’d often read the whole way down, engrossed in the newest story I could find or equally so in the worn-covered books, whose stories I kept revisiting again and again. Around the campfire my family would laugh and tell stories or listen to audiobooks.

Perhaps that’s why writing by campfire feels so right. I’m camping as I write this; some much needed time away. Not too far away, I’m not ‘roughing it’ although cell service is a tad spotty, but I am still very much ‘on the Grid.’

But the relaxing snaps and crackle of the campfire is a wonderful music to me. Hypnotic and nostalgic but an amazing metronome for my thoughts. Some nights of course are more productive than others.

That’s why I’m writing this. Recently with Grimoire I’ve been having a bit of Writer’s Block in waves. The plot is coming and evolving for the better, but the words, the expression of that plot has been difficult. More on that on a future post (Writing Grimoire: part 2)

So I figured since I have the site (bought and paid – holy crap do I know what I’m doing or what I’m getting myself into?) I should write. Something, anything. And where better than by campfire, under the stars as the twinkle about in the clear Autumn sky of Alaska.

It had rained earlier; almost enough to disrupt the trip entirely – but thankfully it had cleared with the setting sun. The clouds catching the rays of oranges as the mountain shimmered in misty purple hues.

That beautiful campfire now lights my surroundings and so I write.

Grimoire is my current project the new revitalization of a story long filling my head, the behind the scenes look will be posted as “Writing Grimoire’, for me telling the story of Grimoire is a bit of a journey so I want to share my thoughts on how it came about and what I learn along the way. I suppose it’s part of my process.

I’ve always enjoyed the community of storytelling. Not only in telling that story but the reaction from the audience. A story has to be heard to exist, until then its unspoken. So I write it down, I draw it out. I tell people stories. I think Grimoire is a good one as as I get the first part out (First three chapters approximately of the first book). More updates to follow.

Another update will be around the artwork for the cover which is my own design. I know that’s frowned upon and will not necessarily be the final artwork for the first book. I have a guilty pleasure for comic/pulp covers.

That’s all for now, and I’ll get the next part of Writing Grimoire posted hopefully Sunday. Working on my own deadlines, and holding myself to them better.

Until next time,


Writing Grimoire – part 1

Grimoire. Where to begin?

I suppose a bit of backstory will help explain how it’s brought me here and maybe even give some insight to where this is going.

Grimoire started as a piece of fiction that grew into several obsessions and then ultimately abandoned. Interestingly enough, it came back to life as my love for writing and storytelling did.

I’ve always loved the occult, supernatural and paranormal. Having fallen in love with stories like Dracula and Frankenstein very soon after I had discovered comic books. The endless summer that was childhood. I remember watching Bela Lugosi as Dracula at first; endless love and appreciation to my Grandma for that introduction. She loved mystery books, and universal monster movies. Also for giving me a love for comedic greats through crossovers such as Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein. Comic Books were a revelation to my young mind; how stories could be told in such a fantastic mixture of written word and picture. It astounded me, and the seeds were planted for the cinephile I would become.

Dracula, and stories of vampires were captivating to me; first Lugosi, then Christopher Lee and the Hammer Horror films. Then Coppola and the wonderful portrayal by Gary Oldman. Each unique. I dove into films, horror, action, drama and especially those of science fiction and fantasy – much as I did comic books in my youth. Books and film shaped so much of how I learned to enjoy and tell stories. I wanted to tell my own. Always stories; big, small, didn’t matter. I would play in the universes of Tolkien and Lucas dreaming of creating my own one day.

So I did.

Grimoire is part of what was once a shared universe – that through revision and expansion became its own. I hope one day that I can tackle the other side of what once was and might have been. Until then I can get one story out of my head. The maybe I can finally give life to all those other stories filling my brain. But first I wanted to share a story of darkness; of monsters, ghouls, demons, werewolves, vampires. Of the supernatural, the strange and the bizarre.

After years of tinkering, revising and even getting 44,000 words committed to the first draft, I shelved it. It wasn’t right. There were too many issues that added up into a story that I worried was simply not compelling enough. Yikes. I was not ready to slash and burn the manuscript but this wasn’t ready;it needed to stew, to grow. Like bread needing the time to rise before finally baking.

Years later those pieces would begin to fall into place and I realized I found the missing bits that would make Grimoire compelling. Those little pieces; short stories of origins for characters that my friends asked about. Since I wasn’t using my characters anymore, why not use them for a table-top role playing game? Yes I’m that nerdy. That’s when the stories expanded exponentially; in ways I could have never imagined. The world feels real to me now as it moves from my mind to the text that you soon enough can read.

Now Grimoire is a fully realized story that I’m excited to tell. And this new digital presence is a foray into a career I’ve long dreamed of; to be a writer.

So what now?

Now I start telling you my story, Grimoire.

The first book or “Season” of Grimoire will be released in parts or serial pieces. Part One: Deal with a Devil is currently some 15,000 words and which is made up of first three chapters of the story. It’s going through its second draft now before, quick revisions and then off to an editor (if you know someone good please recommend).

Part two, which will constitute the next 5 to 10 chapters is under construction. So far about 3300 words (I gotta step it up), but much of it has been outlined, so I anticipate a quick turn around.

Part 1, Chapter 1 will be made free later this weekend once I can figure out how to set it up. I’m totally new at this. Each part will be available through a variety of store fronts, make sure to subscribe to get updates!

I’m in the process of getting a storefront set up for anyone wanting access to art, rough drafts, Q&A and more. But it’s under construction and I’ll keep you updated.

I hope to leave you with a little mystery and not to spoil to much, but I truly feel that if you love stories of the paranormal and occult. Of supernatural creatures and dark forces that you will love Grimoire. A story of action, intrigue, love and revenge. I leave you with a little synopses and if you haven’t seen it, the cover of issue one – Deal with a Devil.

“Aurora has a secret – she’s a Devil; a noble among Hell’s ranks with a rebellious infatuation with the human world. After sneaking away to Earth she is challenged by Matthias, a mysterious stranger who disrupts her world.

Aurora now finds herself thrust into a dangerous situation and must stop a threat to her family. She is finally given a chance to prove herself, but is she ready for such an undertaking? She seeks out Matthias, the only hope she has of navigating the human world to put and end to those that would see her family fall.”

Current issue cover WiP

First Steps & Growing Pains

Wow! First post for my page, what a crazy mix of excitement and frustration! After spending hours toiling away I finally have the site up and running. So now here’s the obligatory first blow to go along!

I’ve made attempts in the past to have blogs and struggled to maintain them; inherently those were different endeavors, mostly as a forum to voice my own opinions and ideas. This is a little different. This blog is to not only give insight as to what it takes to go from the first steps of being a writer to hopefully something more, but also to be open about my creative process.

Nothing would make me happier than to be able to turn my writing/storytelling into a full time career. But that takes a ton (and a half) of work. So here’s to the first steps, the beginning of a journey and hopefully the seed of something more.

My first project is called Grimoire, and you will see a bunch of information regarding it to start coming soon. The first book in the series will be released episodically, so if you want to get the newest chapters before anyone else be sure to subscribe to my mailing list and follow me on twitter!