Spinning Plates

I have not had much of an online presence in the last few weeks as some pretty big things have happened, and I’m trying to rally back from it. Apologies for not giving more frequent updates; I hope that will change soon as I get some content out.

How my recent writing progress has left me feeling.

I have not been writing as much in these last few weeks; I needed a break from really anything remotely looking like work – but I’m ready to come back with renewed vigor, although through smaller steps. I started editing a little today. I’ll keep working on it. But that project will be released under a pen name, more so I can get my feelers out for what it’s like to self-publish.

Outlining on Grimoire has stalled. But I miss my characters, and honestly, the world of Grimoire in general. I’ve been sitting on some proto-drafts and random bits that I hope to get posted next week. If there’s an interest, then I can start getting my character profiles and art up too. Given the nature of the series, I may also start posting one-shots on the blog between drafting.

I think that covers almost everything except the Trail of the Klondike and my writing assignment. 

Snowy weather has been helping in my gold rush novella. But it gets too cold to write sometimes!

Trail of the Klondike is moving along; chapter two is almost done. From there, the rest is outlined. If you read chapter one, you know that James has gotten himself into a bit of a hard spot. If I can keep a solid pace, I should have something ready to publish by year’s end. Fingers crossed, and if you want to find out what happens to Mr. McQueen, make sure to subscribe or follow. 

That leaves my writing assignment, which I will get typed up and posted. I cut it shorter than I intended, leaving it as more of a chapter/ tease. I don’t feel it’s my story since it was an assignment of sorts, so there’s only so much that can be gained from digging. There could be something more there, but for now, I’ve got as much out of the ground as I can. 

I will be posting it under the title of What Happened to Ray? Stay tuned.

I did enjoy the writing prompt process and got a lot from the exercise, with still more to be gained. If you have a writing prompt you’d like to see me tackle, let me know! I’m looking to improve my skill, and I feel the relationship between the storyteller and their audience is important. I’d like to hear from you.

Earlier this week, I dictated rough 4000 words on the subject of Star Wars, specifically speaking to the Force and how it fits into the storytelling of Star Wars. This will be the first in a series of posts/articles. The intent is to break down story elements and characters for popular franchises and speak to how they influence me and how I used those lessons to educate my own approach to storytelling. 

I had a lot of fun doing it, so I hope you have fun reading it. If you want to see additional subjects or franchise again, let me know and subscribe and follow to be part of the conversation. 

Until next time,


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