Another night; another campfire.

The crackle of flame, the sight of embers flying on the breeze, the cozy smell of smoke and warmth. Perfect ambiance for writing.

Sounds about right. But looking back on the last week (or two) I’ve made some real progress.

If you didn’t know, I have the first three chapters of Grimoire up on Wattpad ( also, for the eagle eyed. Or if you’ve seen the cover art before you’ll notice I’ve striped away the more ’pulp-magazine’ aspects (for now). But also the title’s subheading.

Dance with a Devil.

I think it fits. Titles are hard for me, so to feel fairly certain with the way that it flow feels good. In addition to that, there has been a lot of progress on Grimoire behind the scenes. In fact later this week – maybe by Friday you can expect another entry of Writing Grimoire. So if you haven’t read the free chapters but you’ve read this blog, there will be spoilers. I’m gonna dive deep into the characters of Aurora and Matthias. Their origins, the beginning of all this, and why Grimoire may ultimately see a slow roll out. There’s a lot to unpack. It will be by far the largest blog on the subject, now that the chapters are posted.

I don’t want to go too much further than that since it could be spoilers and I pride myself on not revealing story tidbits. To some of my friends’ frustrations.

However, I’ve really been challenging myself to write. Something that has let me churn out a 1000 word chapter that was sorely left out along with two more chapters both seeing a healthy words count. And then outlining. Again, I will share more in depth later this week but you can expect;

Story Origins

The split of Grimoire from the original canon.

Character Origins: Aurora and Matthias

Current updates and goals.

So again it’s a lot to cover. Due to the for lack of a better term, tapestry that is the universe of Grimoire – it’s been tough to write. Understand Grimoire in some form has been in my head for two decades, the revision rough draft that spanned some 40,000 words before it was shelved? That was five years ago. Then there’s Erden Saga, which I promise I will talk about to those interested (looking for feedback on this blog, my published chapters – everything really!)

But writing has become as therapeutic to me as it once was, but mostly at the cost of actually letting go, and walking away from Grimoire to work on other stuff. Then I can reapproach with a fresh set of eyes within a couple of days. It works.

So I have a side thing I’m working on. Which as of right now sits at over 6000 words. All live written.

Much like this blog.

An explanation; when my girlfriend and I were first dating I would send her stories. Mostly made up on the fly, then eventually with the characters of Grimoire.

That’s what made me dust the story off – so full credit to her.

I say that to say this. It’s a habit I keep. Writing words as they come to me and then sending them to her in chunks, barely a page ahead of her. Only stopping to spell check and catch any grammar errors so horrendous you’d question my intelligence. Sometimes I’m successful, other times I get a reply in real-time that I would imaging all writers dread:



I didn’t explain something right, I forgot a tidbit of info. Now I have to retcon. Shit. Shit. Shit.

I’ve become the buffer distance in the written version of a reader’s YouTube . But it keeps you honest. And truly it helps. I tend to think on the fly, and when given a direction I can run with it. Which is why I went back to the drawing board on how I was outlining Grimoire. Much better now.

In fact, this right now – these words, I write as I would in a ‘live-writing session’ I don’t hem-and-haw over them – insistently editing every word. I try to avoid the cluster-fuck verbiage if I can. Again, sometimes with success.

It’s something I may explore on a better platform for fiction, specifically; maybe via Twitch, YouTube or something else.

I suppose Twitter and Reddit lend themselves to it via AMA and the 280 character limit of the former.

I say this as Bob Seger’s ‘Turn the Page’ queues up on my iPhone; I’m getting a LOT of writing done. That side story was all live written, and as a short, maybe it’s ready for the editing floor soon. Though as a new writer what do I do?

Do I publish everything across a wide variety of genres?

I’m eclectic; I like it all, while my favorite movies tend to gravitate to the Sci-Fi, At the heart of it all; I love stories.

All stories, even bad ones. Like MST3K – a love I’ll take to my grave, and I still put on most nights as I fall asleep; recreating Saturday nights with my brother when we were allowed to stay up late to watch bad horror flicks.

I love the wide variety that storytelling can take. So some times it can be difficult to know what to do and how to navigate. In an industry that tends to draw hard genre lines.

While similar to what I’ve written in the past it’s also something that I may publish under a pen name. To be decided. What does that look like?

I don’t know.

What I do know, is that I’m writing it regardless. It’s getting published regardless. With a bunch of other stuff and Grimoire, my first of two very personal series to me.

I hope you join me for that journey, either tonight or on another. Hopefully by campfire. That’s where I tend to be.

So that’s what I’ll leave you with.

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