Late night blogs by campfire.

I sit by fire side tonight as I often do. But this time not really taking the time to edit. Just to write.

Reading, researching and working my outline. mostly reading, and honestly relaxing.

I feel good about where my writing is at, I have a long way to go not only for the first book of Grimoire but also the series that I have planned for it.

So I’m reading, studying, learning and getting ready for the next step in sharing that story. I have a lot of chapters ahead of me but I’m excited to get the words out. As I do I especially hope that the adventures of Aurora, Matthias and a few more characters that you have yet to meet.

There are coming. As is more story, so much more.

For tonight though, I’m enjoying a night of relaxation, reading up on a variety of subjects while getting ready to meet the next day.

Tomorrow is a big day. Lots of work – Audio editing, chapter planning. Writing, revisions and quite possibly another blog post.

I’ll leave it at that – if you don’t have a campfire of your own; take in mine for tonight. I have enough to share. I’ve often thought of doing a live writing stream by campfire. Maybe something in the future for those interested.

Until then,


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