Visiting Homer and doing some world building

Needed to get away again; personal life has been stressful during a time of change and lost. 2020 apparently had grim plans for us all, not only on the world stage but for each of us including myself.

But life carries on, and we must press forward, see it to the end. That is my intention which is why I have made a focused attempt at my work. Grimoire. So a bit of a getaway, a campfire lit beach on the spot of Homer, Alaska drinking a wonderful Denmark mead found at the Grog Shop.

‘Odin’s Beard’, the purple and white label read. The bottle had been perspiring as the temperature of the setting sun quickly changed in the air.

Hints of Apple and cinnamon swept over me as I watched the sky seeping in shade with the oncoming twilight.

I let the inspiration hit me and continue working on crafting the world of Grimoire. Each of the characters needing their individual purpose, views and values. Attempting again to revisit my personal story wiki as a way to test the water and start writing again. I have been sidetracked by a few things but Homer always helps put things into perspective.

So I drink deep of Odin’s Skull; it’s honey wine giving me another idea I quickly scribble more down. Sketch concepts and writing down names and connections. A lot more to do.

I truly hope my next official update comes soon and with a beta reader ready version of part one.

Until then,


View from the Homer coastline.

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