First Steps & Growing Pains

Wow! First post for my page, what a crazy mix of excitement and frustration! After spending hours toiling away I finally have the site up and running. So now here’s the obligatory first blow to go along!

I’ve made attempts in the past to have blogs and struggled to maintain them; inherently those were different endeavors, mostly as a forum to voice my own opinions and ideas. This is a little different. This blog is to not only give insight as to what it takes to go from the first steps of being a writer to hopefully something more, but also to be open about my creative process.

Nothing would make me happier than to be able to turn my writing/storytelling into a full time career. But that takes a ton (and a half) of work. So here’s to the first steps, the beginning of a journey and hopefully the seed of something more.

My first project is called Grimoire, and you will see a bunch of information regarding it to start coming soon. The first book in the series will be released episodically, so if you want to get the newest chapters before anyone else be sure to subscribe to my mailing list and follow me on twitter!


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